Cheap promotion magnifying glasses customized

Cheap promotion rimless magnifying glasses unisex customizable glasses.
Item No.  YF20138
Frame Material  PC/Customized
Lens Material  PC
Colors  Custom
Size  134*41*142mm

Products Details

This is a promotional model of cheap unisex magnifying glasses, and the magnification of the glasses can be customized. However, we recommend that the 1.6x magnification is the most conventional and sells the most quantity. About our product packaging. If there is no special requirement, our company's packaging is a single pair of glasses in a PE bag, 12 or 20 pairs in a white box, and 300 or 500 pairs in an outer box. If the customer has requirements for the outsourcing of the product, we can also customize the production according to the customer's needs. In other categories, we also have related glasses cases, glasses cloths, glasses bags, etc. Available for purchase. We are a professional glasses factory located in Duqiao, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China. We have more than 20 years of experience and have classic cases for various types of glasses. Our main markets are the United States, Europe, and Japan. For different quality requirements, we will have targeted production to meet the different needs of customers.The principle of magnifying glasses is to use convex lenses to converge light. When choosing a spectacle frame, in addition to price and aesthetics as the standard, pay special attention to matching the size of the selected spectacle frame with the interpupillary distance as much as possible, because it directly affects the internal optical quality and wearing comfort of the spectacles.

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